Premium Lenses

The breakthrough technology of the ReStor® lens and Crystalens® has redefined cataract and lens replacement treatment, making it possible for you to recover vision at all distances after the surgery.

The ReStor® lens is designed to provide both excellent distance and near vision. This lens works on the diffractive or wave principle of light: Two boats are out on Sarasota Bay, which is totally calm except for their wakes. Where the two wakes meet, they are twice as high; where the two troughs meet, they are twice as low; and where the peak and trough meet, there is nothing. The two extremes of peaks and troughs can be likened to how eyes work to provide distance and near vision. In order to create these waves, there are rings applied to the surface of the lens. Rarely, these rings can be seen or cause glare at night.

The Crystalens® is designed to actually move inside your eye. The ciliary body, which changes the shape of the lens and allows it to change focus, is put back to work. Think of the cataract as being similar to a peanut M&M. When we remove it, we first take off the front thin candy shell; then we remove the peanut and the chocolate and we leave the back thin candy shell behind. That is where we place the lens. The Crystalens® is designed like a plate; the light is focused through the center, which is attached to each side by a hinge. As the ciliary body pulls or relaxes on the back skin of the lens that we carefully left behind, it actually moves the focusing portion of the Crystalens® back and forth, thus changing its power.

Each of these lenses has its own strengths and weaknesses. Clinical studies show that approximately 80% of patients have not worn glasses following surgery which means that approximately 20% of patients still require glasses, usually for task specific activities.

Dr. Lamensdorf has enjoyed great success in implanting Premium Lenses. More than 90% of our patients enjoy freedom from glasses, which is one of the highest percentages of success in the country.

Together, we will determine which lens is best suited for your individual vision needs and lifestyle habits. From your initial examination through your procedure and especially monitoring your post operative success, we are committed to helping you make the most of your gift of sight.


What Is The Cost of a Premium Lens?

Insurance does not pay for Premium Lenses as they are considered an “elective” procedure.

Please contact Kathy, our terrific Surgical Coordinator, at (941) 957-4987 or at to discuss all financial considerations for the premium lenses.


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