The Eye Specialists Eyewear Boutique has been an important partner to Eye Specialists since opening in 1991. Our primary goal is to share our wealth of information on frames and lenses and assist you in selecting the best frame and lenses for you. We take the time to help you understand the relationship between facial structure and the most appropriate frame style. The result is an attractive and comfortable pair of eyewear – guaranteed.

We offer all of the latest frames from the most popular designers in the world. From chic to conservative and everything in-between you'll find the style that fits your personality and lifestyle. And with prices to match every budget, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for.

We are also very pleased with our success in fitting our patients with lenses designed specifically for computer use. Stop in to find out how you too can minimize strain and glare and maximize your intermediate distance while working at your computer.

From prescription and non-prescription to sunglasses and beyond, Eye Specialists Eyewear Boutique is the place to go for new eyewear.

Welcoming VSP, VCP and most other insurances, we offer an impressive selection of frames, competitive pricing and incomparable personal attention.


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What Our Wonderful Clients Are Saying:

The eyewear boutique has a friendly staff and immediate service. I am very satisfied and will definitely recommend you to family and friends. I received many wonderful comments from folks at work saying that I looked so much better and younger with these new glasses. Thanks for making me look younger, Cynthia!

--Maggi Tabano
Appolo Beach, FL


I work at SMH and the shop is very convenient. Everyone was great!

--Jane Gottlieb
Sarasota, FL


I am very pleased both with the eyewear and the caring warmth from Cynthia.

--Mary Lou Flinn
Venice, FL


Cynthia is excellent!

--Sharon McNally
Osprey, FL


We were referred by our primary care physician. Moving from the St. Louis area and getting prescription sunglasses for the 1ST time, Cynthia has been a great help. Everyone was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Dr. Lamensdorf was very thorough.

--David and Barbara V.
Sarasota, FL


I love Cynthia and the location!

--Laurie Strickland
Sarasota, FL


We chose Eye Specialists Boutique for several reasons. We elected to visit the boutique to 'see what they had to offer' since they were part of the Eye Specialists' operation and recommended by Dr. Lamensdorf. We were impressed by Cynthia's service and patience while not only showing us our options but making recommendations. After visiting several other eyewear retailers we returned to Eye Specialists Boutique because of the service that Cynthia provided on our first visit. I am very pleased with the eyewear purchased and would not have selected the frames and features except for Cynthia's help and suggestions. Cynthia has excellent customer service skills, an upbeat personality and always a smile.

Sarasota, FL


The staff is very friendly and helpful. I am very satisfied with my new glasses!

--Teresa Lacalle
Venice, FL


I have used the boutique for years. They offer great service and Cynthia always makes sure I am very happy. They treat you better than family.

--Michael Carone
Sarasota, FL


I would absolutely recommend Eyewear Specialists Boutique! I chose you because of your personalized service and wide selection of frames and high quality lenses.

--Beth Wallace
Sarasota, FL


I have been wearing glasses for 40 years and have never had a fit where no adjustment period was necessary - no need to watch my steps or the curb! Everyone is extremely courteous and know the business and listens to the patient!

--Sonja L. Suneson
Sarasota, FL


Eye Specialists Eyewear Boutique has been perfect for our needs. The service is wonderful . I would recommend with no reservations! I COULD NOT ASK FOR MORE!

--Constance McDevitt
Sarasota, FL


After an annual exam, I browsed around while Cynthia answered questions and made suggestions. She was knowledgeable and highly professional. No more Lencrafters for me! Cynthia even shipped my glasses overnight to California which was great! And, when I scratched a lens, it was replaced at no charge.

--Jacqueline Snyder-Luntz
Sarasota, FL


You have a great selection! I am absolutely satisfied!

--Mike Dougherty
Sarasota, FL


The boutique was convenient following my eye exam plus the connection to Dr. Lamensdorf gave me confidence. Cynthia is kind, extremely understanding, professional and concerned that the patient is satisfied with the service. Cynthia has a superb personality in dealing with people. Great!

--Virginia A. Jankiewicz
Sarasota, FL


The boutique is very convenient to my work and covered by my insurance. I am very satisfied and I have recommended others. Good prices and selection and great service.

--Steve Meier
Sarasota, FL


Dr. Lamensdorf suggested that the lens material used by his Optician, is superior to the chains and it is! Thank you Dr. Lamensdorf! I am absolutely satisfied thank you! I have already recommended others. Perfection!

--Helen E. McGowan
Sarasota, FL


Great selection of frames. The optician is the most expert and helpful I've ever encountered. She knows the products, has excellent recommendations and is extremely personable.

--Judy Shlasko
Venice, FL


I loved that the display was so massive - I had choices! Cynthia was courteous and professional.

--Alberta Barker
Sarasota, FL


I chose your boutique do your range of styles, quality of products, history with Dr. Lamensdorf, friendliness and professional knowledge of Cynthia.

--Linda Williams
Sarasota, FL


Eye Specialists Eyewear Boutique is very convenient and it was nice to have the personal service.

-- John Conrad
University Park, FL


Dr. Lamensdorf recommended the boutique and said the glasses would be excellent. I am definitely very satisfied!

--Dolores Schwarze
Venice, FL


EYEWEAR SPECIALISTS is convenient and professional. I am fully satisfied with my eyewear and the service I received. Keep up the good work!

--Louis Haller
Sarasota, FL


I chose the boutique due to its convenience. I will recommend them to friends and family. Beautiful office and service.

--Bruce Crawford
Englewood, FL


The service is great and they really know how to fit glasses to your face. Cynthia went out of her way to get my glasses to me in a week. Everything was great!

--Frances Darby
Sarasota, FL


I chose Eyewear Specialists' eyewear boutique firstly because of the great doctors at Eye Specialists. Secondly, the professionalism of Eye Specialists and excellent selection of glasses at a fair price. This is a top notch organization.

--Frederick Spathelf
Sarasota, FL


We have been devoted supporters of Dr. Lamensdorf for many years (my wife Kimberly worked for Eye Specialists many years ago). They are special people and the community is lucky to have them and their services provided! I am absolutely satisfied. The optician was very professional as well as personable in her approach and follow through. I will recommend you to anyone who will listen!

--Pat Calhoon
Sarasota, FL


Because of my relationship to Dr. Lamensdorf, after having cataract surgery, I thought it best to choose a professional service for new glasses as opposed to chain optical stores. I am very satisfied, especially with the service from the opticians. They know all the correct procedures especially with progressive eyewear measuring and fitting is very important. Along with their expertise, they take the time needed to make customers comfortable and answer all questions. That's really important to me.

--Marilyn Randall
Sarasota, FL


I am completely satisfied. The optician recommended a different style lens than I have been wearing. I love them. Keep doing what you are doing!

--John and Barbara Speicher


EYEWEAR SPECIALISTS is very handy as I am a patient of Dr. Lamensdorf. I am fully satisfied. I worked with the optician and she was very friendly and helpful.

--Gary Zimmerman
Venice, FL


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