From the people who matter the most... our patients

My vision was very unclear and I could not see distances. I often read words incorrectly both near and far. I have been Dr. Lamensdorf's patient for over 20 years. I have complete trust in him and believe he is the best surgeon for me. He always took my medical history seriously. It is unbelievable! I used to go to UF football games and would have to watch the game on the jumbotron. Now I can see from the north 10yard line to the south end zone and even see the ball! I can see flowers on trees two blocks away! Kathy and especially Janice are remarkable. All of the staff at the office are pleasant, considerate and patient. They are good listeners, abundant with smiles every time you come to the office. I appreciate and thank each one of them for their customer service and interest in me as a patient.

--Janet Sclafani Lovesky
Sarasota, FL


I stopped driving at night when several headlights came at me one night only to find out that it was a motorcycle. I have been a patient of Dr. Lamensdorf's for years and several people I know raved about their "new sight" with Dr. L. Plus, two others, who chose other doctors, were not happy with their results. The days are brighter, the colors are clearer and I can read better at medium range without straining my eyes. GO FOR IT! When you are ready to see again, "just say yes and go for it." You will be glad you did. Dr. Lamensdorf makes you feel at ease and Kathy was just outstanding in explaining things to me before and after surgery. The entire staff was informative, knowledgeable and helpful in answering questions with a great attitude. The personnel at Sarasota Physicians Surgery center was top notch and very professional.

--Everett Long
Sarasota, FL


My vision was getting worse - I had trouble reading small print, signs, distant directions and numbers on buildings. Dr. Lamensdorf has been my doctor since I came to Sarasaota and he ahs helped with serious infections in my eyes. He is a very talented surgeon and will make sure to prepare you for the operation.

--Joseph Popson
Bradenton, FL


I had lousy vision and needed glasses to see both in the distance and at near. I was referred to Dr. Lamensdorf and would tell those who are considering Cataract surgery to just do it!

--Jon Thaxon
Osprey, FL


My vision was dulled and I chose Dr. Lamensdorf because of his concern for his patients. Colors are vibrant and vivid - clarity! Go for it!

--MaryAnne Lee
Sarasota, FL


In order to work at my computer, I had to close my right eye and use my left eye (good eye) which Dr. Lamensdorf successfully operated on earlier. I have been a patient of Dr. Lamensdorf's for over 20 years and now I am able to use both eyes with much sharper vision. Doctor was very considerate of my situation. Both cataract surgeries have been successful!

--Martin Mannheimer
Venice, FL


I needed bright light to read. I needed driving glasses for long distances. I did not realize how bad it was until it was corrected. Dr. Lamensdorf has been my eye doctor since 1999 and was my in-laws' doctor for over 20 years. My vision has dramatically improved. I can see both near and far without glasses. Everything is bright. I highly recommend Dr. Lamensdorf. Everything was executed smoothly.

--Charles Fridley
Sarasota, FL


Dr. Lamensdorf was highly recommended to me for Cataract surgery. My vision was very foggy and I had circles around every light. I was very comfortable with every the whole experience and dr. Lamensdorf is the best. He is a wonderful person.

--James Gurlea
Sarasota, FL


My surgery went great and our hats off to both Dr. Lamesdorf and his wonderful and competent staff. What a team!

--Walter Egan
Sarasota, FL


My vision was very blurred and I needed glasses for everything. Dr. L. has been our eye doctor for many years and I totally trust him with my eyes. He is a perfectionist! Since I had ReSTOR lenses, I was able to retire my glasses for reading and distance. Dr. L. is the best! I was extremely pleased with the entire procedure, before and after, along with Dr. L., Kathy and staff!

--Marion Hansen
Bradenton, FL


Dr. Lamensdorf was recommended by a firend of mine over twenty years ago. I now have excellent sight with no need for glasses! Everything is now so clear. We consider Dr. lamensdorf a superior doctor and a friend. My surgical experience could not have been better and the staff was very helpful.

--R.S. Clarkson
Sarasota, FL


My vision was blurred and colors were dull. I could not read without glasses and I was beginning to need glasses to drive. I trust Dr. Lamensdorf and I can now see clearly without glasses both for near and distance, and I feel happier!

--Anne McClean
Sarasota, FL


My vision was fuzzy and now I can see so much better! It was an excellent experience - great!

--Kathy Thomas
Sarasota, FL


It seemed like I had a film over my eyes with no distance in the sight. Can now drive without glasses. My vision has improved greatly and I only need glasses for reading - I love the result of my surgery! Have confidence in Dr. Lamensdorf's decisions. My experience was very unstressful and pain free.

--Beverly Bank
Sarasota, FL


My vision was so bad I could no longer read a book, see at night or see long distance at all. I was looking online and the website came up. It just felt ÒcomfortableÓ for me to make a consultation appointment. Your services were professional, friendly, supportive and kind throughout the entire process. Go for it! You can put your trust in Dr. Lamensdorf's hands as well as his competent, delightful staff.

--Sherlie Bente
Bradenton, FL


I chose Dr. Lamensdorf because he is the best! I received excellent coaching and insight. Do not hesitate to have Cataract surgery - it was a great experience!

--John Musto
Sarasota, FL


We have been patients for 25 years and trust Dr. Lamensdorf's abilities completely. My vision was blurry for reading and crossword puzzles and at night. Now, things are bright and clear and colorful. Don't delay!

--Lois Clarkson
Sarasota, FL


My vision was very bad. I chose Dr. Lamensdorf because he is a great doctor and surgeon. He knows what he is doing. It has changed my life for the best. I can see better now. I haven't seen this good for years. Have the surgery and do everything they tell you to. But Dr. Lamensdorf has to do the surgery.

--Janice Stewart
Sarasota, FL


I was recommended by my family doctor because my vsiionw as blurry. Everything is much clearer especially night driving. I would like to tell everyone that Dr. Lamensdorf is the best!

--Ina K. Baker
Sarasota, FL


I have been with Dr. Lamensdorf since 1992 when I moved from New Jersey. My vision was blurry in the distance and now I have 20/20 vision - better at night and in the distance! You should put everything into Dr. Lamensdorf's hand. Great job Dr. Lamensdorf and also wonderful staff!

--Michael Carone
Sarasota, FL


My mother-in-law recommended Dr. Lamensdorf and she was correct! I could not see afr and I needed readers to see close. I had complete faith in Dr. Lamensdorf. He has been wonderful, honest and guided me in the correct direction. I only wished all doctors were as good!

--Mary Shawkey
Sarasota, FL


Dr. Lamensdorf has been my eye doctor for a long time. He kept my husband from going completely blind through all of his several eye conditions so I trusted him completely with my eye. Explanations were step-by-step before and after they all took care of a very nervous lady! Thank you! You are a caring and considerate person. There is none better in my opinion. It was perfect - something I was anxious about that turned out to be as the saying goes ÒA piece of cake!Ó

--Beverly Sementilli
Sarasota, FL


My friend recommended Dr. Lamensdorf because he had a very good experience with him. My right eye was practically blind and my left eye was deteriorating. Now I can play golf and see the ball! My sight is like it was 12 years old again. WONDERFUL! Dr. Lamensdorf is great and has a wonderful support staff that assists you through the whole process.

--Richard J Xiques
Sarasota, FL


I needed glasses to read, quilt, and see close. I needed lots of light. I could no longer distinguish between black and navy, dark brown and purple. My sister recommended that I see Dr. Lamensdorf. I no longer need glasses and colors are beautiful and bright. I had excellent care from Dr. Lamensdorf, his staff and the staff at the surgery center. Everyone was caring and my fears and questions were answered with sincerity and honesty.

--Carol Goff
Sarasota, FL


My vision was NOT GOOD! Dr. Lamensdorf is the best! I can see, drive at night and don't have sinus problems from glasses. Everything was great!

--Jane Hogan
Sarasota, FL


I thought my vision before the cataract surgery was just fine. However, after the surgery, I learned that I was in a world altogether. I could see! Colors were absolutely beautiful and I had the ability to read even small print. Even though Dr. Lamensdorf told me that I was close to being blind, I did not realize this until after the surgery. I wish to thank him. I am able to see so much better and it has made a world of difference in seeing light and color. My experience with Dr. Lamensdorf and his wonderful staff has been a very pleasant one. They all have always made me feel welcome and have been very kind and understanding.

--Anna Blessing
Sarasota, FL


I first met Dr. Lamensdorf 25 years ago when I had an eye injury and he took excellent care of me ever since. He has the highest possible integrity and is truly talented in his work. Don't be afraid. The whole thing was fast, organized and totally painless. I can't imagine it going any better.

--Michael George
Sarasota, FL


I thought my vision was fairly normal but since surgery I now know that my prior vision was like looking through a bottle of canola oil. Dr. Lamensdorf was recommended by my primary care doctor and now colors are vibrant and everything is so clear again. It is the easiest most non-invasive surgery you will ever have and the results are beyond belief.

--John Elliott
Sarasota, FL


I needed extra light to see close work and I was afraid to drive at night because it was so difficult to see the road and the signs. Dr. Lamensdorf was referred to me by my family and my primary care doctor. I don't need glasses to drive and I don't need a flashlight. I can drive at night with good visibility! It is as if my headlights are brighter! It was a painless experience and because of Dr. Lamensdorf and his staff, I was always informed of what to expect. That made for a comfortable experience with no surprises. I always felt secure!

--Luman Black
Sarasota, FL


My vision was very cloudy. My wife wanted me to see Dr. Lamensdorf and it was one of the best decisions I have made to get a 2nd opinion and then to stay with Dr. Lamensdorf. It is absolutely amazing! I can watch TV and watch movies WITHOUT glasses for the first time in my 88 years. It's almost a miracle. He is the best! You will have chosen the right doctor without question.

--William Arbuckle
Sarasota, FL


I chose Dr. Lamensdorf due to his knowledge and experience. I now have no need for distance nor reading glasses. See Dr. Lamensdorf - he delivers what he promises.

--Stewart Rackoff
Sarasota, FL


Dr. Lamensdorf has been my eye doctor for 20 years. Since my cataract surgery with ReSTOR lenses, I don't need reading glasses anymore. It's great to order from a menu without looking for my glasses! The ReSTOR lenses are wonderful and I am worth it!! Everything went swell!

--Charlene Gurlea
Sarasota, FL


I had to wear glasses to read and my family members recommended Dr. Lamensdorf. I no longer need glasses! I enjoy scuba diving and flying my plane. I now can do both without glasses. Go for it! I was very happy with my experience.

--Ronald Mackey
Nokomis, FL


I wore glasses for both distance and reading. Colors were dull. Dr. Lamensdorf has been my ophthalmologist for 12 years and he did my wife's cataract surgery. He has a very good reputation. I see better and am able to play tennis and golf without glasses. I am 100% satisfied!

--Marvin Rosen
Sarasota, FL

My vision was cloudy and foggy. I could not see objects that were far away. It was difficult to drive especially at night. Dr. Lamensdorf came to me very well recommended. I searched the internet and I liked his dossier very much. Now I can see very well and drive very securely. Also, I can read without my glasses. I would tell anyone considering surgery to go to Dr. Lamensdorf without any hesitation. I am very happy with the result of my surgery!

--Teresa Lacalle
Venice, FL

I was unable to read because of low light even with the lights on. I was blaming my prescription glasses that were new. I chose Dr. Lamensdorf because my wife had a very good experience with him. Since my surgery, I feel that I'm living in a different world; everything I see is appreciated. It's so bright and colors are so vivid. After dark, it seems as though all the lights are brighter. Don't waste time on planning surgery. The results are amazing. Based on my experience, there is nothing that you could do to improve the surgical experience at Eye Specialists.

--Arnaldo F. LaCalle
Venice, FL

My vision was blurry and for many years I had to wear bi-focals. My primary doctor referred me to Dr. Lamensdorf and now I don't need glasses anymore. The colors are beautiful and brighter. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Lamensdorf. He is an outstanding surgeon and caring human being. The surgeries were painless and Dr. Lamensdorf and his professional and caring staff spent generous pre op time with me explaining the surgeries. This surgical experience could not have gone better. I was frightened by prior tests at the hospital and medical offices. But Dr. Lamensdorf and his wonderful staff gave me back confidence.

--Cjarlotte Sutterlin
Sarasota, FL

I am a long time patient of Dr. Lamensdorf. No more reading glasses!!!! The support staff is efficient and very well organized. They make you feel that everything will be easy and the surgery will go well.

--Carol Gilrane
Sarasota, FL

My vision was cloudy and I couldn't tell navy from black. We have a lot of confidence in Dr. Lamensdorf. Things are brighter and sharper. If you are not satisfied with your current eye doctor, go to Dr. Lamensdorf for a second opinion!

--Ronald Lombardo
Bradenton, FL


My vision was blurred and I had glare. I used glasses for reading and moderate distances. Dr. Lamensdorf had been taking care of me for over 15 years as I wanted the best! I now do not use glasses and my vision has returned. Dr. Lamensdorf is a great doctor with a wonderful staff and extraordinary results.

-- Philip M. Dasher
Sarasota, FL


Yes, I can see! Excellent – do it! Everyone was pleasant! Call Dr. Lamensdorf!

-- Ruth M. Veit
Sarasota, FL


So far everything is great - I even donated my prescription glasses. I was farsighted and near sighted and night driving was difficult. My primary care doctor said to consult with Dr. Lamensdorf. Don't hesitate - your eyes are most important! The entire staff was professional and compassionate.

-- Michael Lesh
University Park, FL


I was wearing glasses and now I do not wear glasses! Trust, listen and comply - Dr. L. and his staff all gave me all the information I needed and asked for. Dr. L. has a purpose and a specialty. What was so helpful was that Dr. L. spoke to me personally before the surgery and there was not a long wait.

-- Nancy J. Russell
Sarasota, FL


It was difficult to see long distances ahead and I had bad color perception. I have to do lots more cleaning because I can see so much more clearly. I see everything! Colors are so sharp and clear. Dr. Lamensdorf is terrific and a lot of fun. Kathy was so kind and wonderful too.

-- Shelva Novitsky
Fort Wayne, Indiana

I needed glasses full time and my vision was distorted when there were bright lights. We had heard of Dr. Lamensdorf through our doctor's nurse and also family members who are patients of his. I no longer need glasses for distance or mid-range sight and I just use reading glasses occasionally that are not very strong. I would encourage those who are considering cataract surgery whole-heartedly to let him do the surgery. He and his staff took all of the fear out of the operation and they are all a pleasure to deal with. Everything was handled professionally from pre-op through surgery and post-op.

-- Ronald G. Karp
Sarasota, FL


My vision was terrible especially in my left eye. I chose Dr. Lamensdorf because he is the best! I no longer need glasses!! Please go to Dr. Lamensdorf for the best possible result.

-- Rose Marie Owens
Bradenton, FL


My vision was was dim and fuzzy before cataract surgery. You inspired my confidence! I would tell anyone that they can look far beyond Sarasota, but they could not find a better Ophthalmologist, anywhere.

-- Melissa Klein-Johnson
Palmetto, FL


My vision is clear and I do not need glasses even to read. Before my surgery, my vision was cloudy and my fine print reading was bad even with glasses. My doctor and a friend recommended me to Dr. Lamensdorf. He has a wonderful staff and I couldn't be more pleased with Dr. Lamensdorf. All went perfectly.

-- Elizabeth Young
Venice, FL


I could not see clear and I could not read. My husband had cataract surgery with Dr. Lamensdorf and he was very satisfied. Yes, I can see colors, so very bright! Everything is so much better. Don't put it off, get it done so you can see again!

-- Barbara Clemons
Bradenton, FL

My vision was bad before my cataract surgery. I was referred to Dr. Lamensdorf by my doctor and now I can read without glasses and my eyes don't tire! Have cataract surgery with Dr. Lamensdorf? Natcherly!!

-- Nick Almario
Sarasota, FL


We are island hopping in the Bahamas and this exciting voyage would not have been possible without my INCREDIBLE SURGEON and the ReStor lens. My job as navigator requires me to sight the markers and any obstructions in our path. As you guys know, I now have perfect vision! The results of my surgery are fantastic and I have a full range of vision – near, far and intermediate! Now back to Island Time!

-- Rita Miller
Manasota Key, FL


A friend recommended me to Dr. Lamensdorf as I could barely see out of one eye. I was unable to drive at night and I saw auras around lights. I could not see colors - all looked brown. Now I can s ee clearly - my vision is 20/20. No more auras and I can see colors. I feel great. The word ÒsurgeryÓ sounds scary but there is nothing to be afraid of. It will change your life.

-- Frederick J. Hoyt
Sarasota, FL


My vision was very annoying – I was always pushing my glasses up to improve my reading vision. Dr. Lamensdorf was my husband's doctor and he highly recommended him. Not wearing glasses – yeah!!! I wake up in the dark and can see things clearly. Go for it!

-- Judy Curtis
Bradenton, FL

I could not see without glasses before cataract surgery. My husband and I have been patients for a long time. I do not use glasses now and have 20/20 eyesight. Go for it!

-- Eleanor Kessler
Sarasota, FL


My vision was blurred and focus was not tolerable. Driving at night became hazardous, lights were star-like. Several of my closest friends recommended Dr. Lamensdorf and now I feel more confident, and colors are more distinct. Also, I can see where I'm going whilst swimming! Choose Dr. Lamensdorf – in my book he is the greatest! You cannot improve on perfection.

-- James Saunders
Sarasota, FL


My cataracts had progressed to the point that I needed the surgery. My wife had a great experience and now I don't need glasses! It is easy as pie! The staff is wonderful too!

-- David Ebert
Sarasota, FL


I needed glasses to read and I no longer need glasses! Dr. Lamensdorf is the best! Everything was arranged perfectly!

-- Jean Clegg
Sarasota, FL


Without my contact lenses everything was very blurred. I can now read perfectly without the aid of spectacles. The world looks a brighter place. Go for it! Dr. Lamensdorf and all of his staff will take good care of you. I love the happy and relaxed atmosphere and most of all the professionalism I experienced with the surgery and after care.

-- Doreen Grumley
University Park, FL


Before surgery, my vision was ok with bi-focal prescription glasses but deteriorating. I have a lazy left eye since birth. With this condition, it was essential that my good right eye cataract surgery was successful with no complications. Dr. Lamensdorf was highly recommended by many friends as highly competent and THE BEST! I presently do not need to wear glasses except for reading. I had gone to highly respected eye doctors in Chicago during my lifetime and none detected scarring and other congenital eye disease as did Dr. Lamensdorf. Everything was first class!

-- Richard Labinger
Bradenton, FL

Before surgery my vision was cloudy and limited. Many friends recommended Dr. Lamensdorf highly. I now have clear, better vision in both eyes. Dr. Lamensdorf's staff is the most knowledgeable and competent staff I have ever been associated with and therefore made the experience of surgery smooth and virtually easy. No suggestions for improvement but, thanks Dr. Lamensdorf!

-- Phyllis Labinger
Bradenton, FL



I can see where my golf ball goes now – sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm not!! Dr. Lamensdorf is the best!

-- Nancy F. Ebersole
Sarasota, FL


Driving at night I didn't know where I was and couldn't see the lines in the road. I can see colors clearer and I can drive at night – the lines are visible now! I tell people every day, I'm a cashier at Walmart, that Dr. Lamensdorf did a wonderful job, he's great.

-- Florence M. Strauss
Sarasota, FL


I was extremely nearsighted and have been since I was a teenager. I needed glasses or contacts for distant vision. Dr. Lamensdorf was recommended by two friends who had underwent successful cataract surgery. It is remarkable that I can now see things I was only able to seebefore with my glasses. I can clearly see the clock when I wake up in the middle of the night. I no longer have to spend countless hours searching for my misplaced glasses. The surgery frees you from bothering with glasses and contacts. In short, it makes you feel younger and look better. Having Dr. Lamensdorf call after the surgery made me feel he really cared. His entire staff is the friendliest and most efficient group of people I have encountered in a doctor's office.

-- Nancy Murphy
Sarasota, FL


My vision is better than 20/20! His entire staff is outstanding. This doctor is meticulous A+!

-- Joseph V. Mahoney
Venice, FL


My vision was so bad I couldn't drive. I thought I was going blind and it really scared me. I was told about Dr. Lamensdorf by a friend whom I went with when she had her surgery done. My life has changed – I can drive and the anxiety has passed. You are in good hands with Dr. Lamensdorf. Everyone was so great and made me very comfortable.

-- Elizabeth Papagni
Sarasota, FL


I was extremely near-sighted. I could barely make out the "E" at the top of the chart. My neurosurgeon told me that Dr. Lamensdorf was the absolute best! My life has changed from night to day, from fog to perfect vision – a miracle! Everything is lighter, brighter, crystal clear. I am unencumbered by glasses and contacts. Really unbelievable! Don't go to anyone else – take his advice and recommendations. You are in the best and most ethical hands. My surgical experience was excellent!

--Bernice Jones
Sarasota, FL



"I want to thank you so much for giving me back the gift of sight."
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to read more from one of our Mission Cataract patients.

-- Walt Steffens
Leesburg, Florida


I was terribly myopic and had been wearing glasses since age 5! I was lucky enough to be referred to Dr. Lamensdorf before moving to Florida and liked him immensely and trusted him implicitly. I can’t enumerate all of the many changes! No more night time fumbling and more enjoyable playing with and reading to my 3 grandsons! Dr. Lamensdorf and his excellent staff could not have done anymore to make me feel comfortable and well-cared for.

-- Barbara V. Leifer
Sarasota, FL


My night vision was terrible and I had a lack of color contrast. Dr. Lamensdorf did my mother-in-law's Cataracts and she was most pleased. I still feel like a kid in a candy store! I have been wearing glasses for 60 of my 65 years. Now I begin to understand what a precious gift clear sight is! Dr. Lamensdorf is a "TOP FLIGHT" surgeon and really a very caring physician. I trust him implicitly.

-- Elizabeth L. Gorey
Sun City, Florida


“I chose Dr. Lamensdorf because he is the best! You will be very satisfied and very happy!”

-- Timothy Hogan
Sarasota, Florida


“I saw halos around lights at night and had trouble reading street signs. Dr. Lamensdorf gave an expert and detailed discussion of what to expect in cataract surgery. I now have normal vision for the first time in my life (no glasses or contact lenses). He is a real perfectionist who is extraordinarily dedicated to his patients’ well being. I feel extremely fortunate to have selected Dr. Lamensdorf to do my cataract surgery!”

-- Mina E. Vance
Chevy Chase, Maryland




“My vision was blurred and I heard he does excellent work. I can see much better and you cannot find a better doctor.”

Al Snyder
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


My vision was blurry with lots of squinting and at times wearing my glasses over my contacts to read! I hadn’t realized just how poor my vision was until after the ReStor lenses were put in. Dr. Lamensdorf wants the best possible eyesight/results for each of his patients and leaves no stone unturned in his endeavor to achieve that. I can SEE beautifully. Colors are so bright, I can read the fine print and don’t need glasses at all. I love my “new eyes”. Dr. Lamensdorf is an excellent surgeon, very dedicated, experienced and thorough. The results are fantastic. He is the best.

-- Sue Matuszak
Bradenton, FL



“The results (of my cataract surgery and ReStor lens implantation) far exceeded my expectations. I keep the old trifocal, coke-bottle-lens glasses that I no longer need to wear in my desk drawer as a reminder to be thankful for your skill as a surgeon.”

-- Martin E. Runyan
Lakewood Ranch, Florida


“I don’t need glasses anymore. My vision is very much improved.
Dr. Lamensdorf is wonderful, very caring and considerate.”

-- Lorna Townsend
Bradenton, Florida




"My vision was distorted, cloudy.  Night vision was triple images and much light diffusion.  I am pleased with the vast improvement in my vision that often I do not need to wear glasses.  Dr. Lamensdorf is an extremely talented surgeon with excellent patient skills." 

-- Walter M. Monkiewicz
Venice, Florida


Dr. Lamensdorf has been my doctor since I arrived in Sarasota twenty years ago. I was seeing things in triple and reading glasses became less helpful.  Now, I don’t need glasses except in low light! New lease on life!! Dr. Lamensdorf has an impeccable staff and approach. Go for it!

-- Gisele Pelaprat
Sarasota, Florida


My vision was becoming more blurred and it was difficult to read and drive. I chose Dr. Lamensdorf because of the fantastic results my husband had after surgery with Dr. Lamensdorf. My vision is sharper – driving especially is better. Dr.Lamensdorf has the expertise, knowledge and experience – and a great sense of humor as well which is a plus. Everything went really well – the doctor and his staff are caring and professional. His coordinator, Kathy, and her team are the best!

-- Marilyn Randall
Sarasota, Florida


I could not read small print and it was blurry at night when car lights were in my eyes. Dr. Lamensdorf was recommended by a friend and now I don't need glasses and things went from yellow to white again. Dr. Lamensdorf is a kind and compassionate doctor and he cares about you.

-- Rosetta Dawson
Sarasota, Florida



“With the ReStor lenses, I (no longer) use glasses and I can (now) read small print. Dr. Lamensdorf and his entire staff are consummate professionals. I cannot envision experiencing better care elsewhere.”

-- Richard Darragh, Ph.D.
Osprey, Florida


“I just want to thank you for all you have done for my husband and me. You have opened up a new world for us. We now see things we never saw before. The colors are so vivid. There really are quite a few stars in the sky. Our tennis group tells me I am playing much better tennis. I can see the ball much better. It is not a problem driving at night anymore…. Again, thank you for your patience and determination. You also have a great team working for you.”

-- Dolores Schwarze
Venice, Florida


"There is no more skilled surgeon with a total commitment to the patient’s care and outcome.  The clinical and administrative processes are flawless."

-- Earl E. Jacobson
Sarasota, Florida


My vision was smoky and cloudy. I see in high definition now – it's great. This is the only surgery you will ever have with no pain – it's amazing.

-- Linda Little
Arcadia, Florida


I needed "long distance" improvement in my vision. One of Dr. Lamensdorf's patients recommended him and my vision is much improved. He did a fine job for me and really knows his profession. Dr. Lamensdorf has a pleasant and professional staff who make the office visits and the operation easy to take.

-- Thomas Speight
University Park, Florida


"My vision was a challenge prior to surgery.  Reading was becoming a chore rather than a pleasure.  On my initial visit, it was apparent that Dr. Lamensdorf cared very much about his patients, his staff and his work.  My world is brighter, clearer and less stressful.  Don’t miss the opportunity to reap the benefits of a physician who holds such high standards for himself and his team."    

-- Jean Forni
Venice, Florida



“Vision is priceless and I feel reborn with near 20/20 (vision) and (freedom) from wearing glasses.”

-- Robert Farrington
Longboat Key, Florida



“If you want to see better than you ever did before, get ReStor® lenses.”

-- Mary Lou Zehler
Sarasota, Florida




“I can see 100% better and night driving is good. You are going to the best – don’t worry! No letter in the world…could explain how good he is. To me, he is Number One.”

-- Richard Muller
Sarasota, Florida


"I can see!!  Blue is beautiful!  Life is good!  Everyone was wonderful!  Thank you."

-- Beth B. Campbell
Venice, Florida


I used multifocal glasses and was unable to drive at night. Dr. Lamensdorf was recommended by a friend and now I can see without glasses and drive. He is the best!

-- Anne Giesecke
Sarasota, Florida


"He’s the MAN!"

-- Valerie J. Fordham
Sarasota, Florida

It was hard to see highway signs clearly in the distance and I had a major problem with dry eyes as well. I was referred by my wife who Dr. Michael's patient. I have much clearer vision and my dry eyes are under control. Do it! In addition to being a fine, leading edge physician, I find him very personable with a good sense of humor.

-- Thomas Koenig
Sarasota, Florida


“(The) quality of my life has improved immensely because I no longer need glasses or contacts. I would recommend without reservation cataract surgery done by Dr. Lamensdorf.”

-- Richard Reston
Sarasota, Florida


“Do it! The (cataract) operation is a snap and so quick. It is wonderful not to search for my glasses.”

-- Mary Jo Reston
Sarasota, Florida


“I did not realize that I had cataracts. I always thought that my contacts never fit properly. Since the surgery, I have begun to be more active, back to sailboat racing. Dr. Lamensdorf and his staff are extremely competent. The surgery doesn’t hurt more than a bad contact day. Actually very little discomfort.”

-- Captain John Izmirlian
Bradenton, Florida



“After many years of placing the health of my eyes in Dr. Lamensdorf’s hands, and because of his excellent reputation for his expertise in the field of cataract surgery, I felt confident putting my surgery in his capable hands. Colors are much brighter and more vivid and whites purer. As an artist, I appreciated seeing colors as nature intended. This makes my judgment of colors much more accurate than before surgery. I also have better, sharper vision as well, so detail work is less stressful. All procedures for both pre and post surgery were very well explained and meticulously carried out by a very professional staff. It was particularly nice to have transportation provided to and from surgery.”

-- Alice “Eileen” Ocon
Sarasota, Florida


My vision was very blurry and I only had a little vision in my left eye. Dr. Lamensdorf was referred by my internal medicine doctor and I now have much better vision. I can see greater distances and it is easier to drive. Do it! It is virtually a pain free process. Dr. Lamensdorf was great and made it a stress free experience.

-- Ray LeBlanc
Sarasota, Florida


“Before the cataract surgery, I was not able to drive at night and had to wear glasses all the time. Now I am able to drive at night and use only reading glasses. Dr. Lamensdorf treats your eyes as if they were his. He is a most caring man. I think the world of him.”

-- Carol Macaluso
Sarasota, Florida

I needed glasses constantly. I carried back-up glasses when traveling
or boating. I wore glasses from an early age and should have had them
even at a younger age. We developed a deep appreciation for the doctor's
expertise as well as the staff's. We were at ease with the surgical team
I no longer require prescription eyeglasses! When I get out of bed, I no
longer have to hunt for my eyeglasses. I am up and going glasses-free.
When you are diagnosed with cataracts, do not delay having the surgery.
The ReStor lenses gave me eye sight better than I have ever had in my life.

--Richard A. Phaneuf
Sarasota, FL


My vision was not good – it was cloudy. Dr. Mollod recommended Dr.
Lamensdorf to me and now I can see clearly. Go for it! All was well
organized and well done.

--Paul E. Wieand
Sarasota, FL


My vision was blurry. Dr. Lamensdorf has been my doctor for many years and now my vision is clear – the mirror now shows all! Wow! Everything
is sharp!! If you are considering cataract surgery, be relaxed and confident
– you are in good hands. The staff at both office and surgery center went
above and beyond for me!


--Arlene Lafley
Punta Gorda, FL


Seemed like I had a film over my eyes with no distance in the sight of my
eyes. I can now drive without glasses. Dr. Lamensdorf has always done a
good job with my eye problems. My vision has improved greatly and I only
need glasses for reading – I love the result of my surgery. I thought the
experience was very unstressful and pain free.

--Beverly Band
Sarasota, FL


I couldn't see long distance. I didn't know that the color in some of my
clothes did not match other clothes when I wore them together! My kitchen
looked beige and now it looks as white as when I moved here 15 years
ago. Now colors are very vivid and bright – I never wore sunglasses and
now I need to. Just follow instructions and you will be fine.

--Barbara Eisinger
Sarasota, FL


My vision was very poor. I have been a patient of Dr. Lamesdorf's for
years and he did a very good surgery on my husband. I think he is
an exceptional doctor. I see perfectly. In fact, it is the first time in 70
years that I do not need glasses or contacts. It is truly wonderful. Dr.
Lamensdorf only has your good in mind and he is a very caring and
understanding person. He knows what he can do and doesn't promise the
impossible – which in my case he did and I thank him! You are all the best!

--Joyce L. Meyer
Sarasota, FL


My vision was getting very clouded as Dr. Lamensdorf had told me it
would do. He said to wait until surgery was needed. He told me when
and he was right. I had been seeing him since coming to Sarasota. I had been with friends to see other doctors and they didn't measure up to Dr. Lamensdorf. He knew me and my problems and cared and took care of me so very well. Go for it! I know for a fact he will not rush you into surgery until it is time and will not push you to do anything not needed.


--James Seaton
Longboat Key, FL


I had noticed a slight deteriorization in my distance vision. My wife's
experience and other friends' good results directed me to Dr. Lamensdorf .
I can see the flight of the golf ball off the shot all the way. Don't put it off!
It's a piece of cake! I cannot think of a thing to improve.

--P. Hanson
Sarasota, FL


I could see only with glasses. Dr. Lamensdorf has a very good reputation
and my husband and lots of friends went to him. My vision is now very
good and clear. Definitely go to Dr. Lamensdorf. He is a great surgeon
and makes you feel comfortable.

--Frances Bilello
Sarasota, Fl


My vision was blurry and I was unable to read small print. Dr. Lamensdorf has been my eye doctor for 20 years and I believe him to be the best at what he does! It is great to be able to read and see anything! He is a great doctor and friend.

--Victor Gambardella
Sarasota, FL


It was difficult to see clearly and glasses kept getting stronger. Dr. Lamensdorf has been our eye surgeon for 26 years. I only need reading glasses now and everything is bright and sharp! This man is THE BEST EYE DOCTOR in the suncoast area and possibly the state/country. I cannot say enough about Dr. Lamensdorf. He is a caring and truly great person. He is not only our doctor. He is a great friend.

--Duane A. Robertson
Sarasota, FL


Driving at night was difficult and distant vision was blurred. I read a couple of hour at night and my eyes watered constantly and burned from straining. A friend spoke highly of Dr. Lamensdorf. My vision is now fantastic – driving at night is no problem and reading at night without eyes tearing. It's wonderful. Beg, borrow or steal and have surgery yesterday! It's up with winning the lottery! Dr. Lamensdorf – don't change a thing. The care and compassion was outstanding.

--Judith Ciano
Venice, FL


I didn't realize how bad my vision was until I had my cataracts done. I am now seeing things I never saw before. I spoke to Gail Pettit and she assured me I would be happy at Eye Specialists. I now do not need glasses. I have worn glasses ever since I can remember. I still sometimes look for them! If you want the best doctor, choose Dr. Lamensdorf. There is no other choice. Everything was perfect.

--Estelle Hilsenroth
Bradenton, FL


I could not see as far as I do now. Dr. Lamensdorf was recommended by friends and now I can see further and clearer. The surgery was very comfortable.

--Jean Clegg
Sarasota, FL


I needed glasses to read. I no longer need glasses! Dr. Lamensdorf is the best. Everything was arranged perfectly – no suggestions!

--Mary Schmitt
Bradenton, FL


My eyesight was very bad before surgery. I feel like a new person! Don't think about it, JUST DO IT!

--Beverly Campbell
Sarasota, FL


My eyesight was fading. At night I saw rings of light around the on-coming head lights. Floaters were everywhere. Dr. Lamensdorf has been my doctor since I moved to Florida in 1998. He has performed surgery on my wife, her mother and my two sister- in-laws. Now I don't need glasses to drive. Everything is clearer and much brighter. I had to have glasses from my early 20s. Life is much improved. Dr. Lamensdorf has a god given gift which he passes on to his patients. Thank god I have him as my doctor. Thanks to my doctor and all who helped him and all of the staff at his office.

--Delbert Moore
North Port, FL


My vision was impaired requiring a magnifying glass when reading. I chose Dr. Lamensdorf because of his excellent reputation. My vision is greatly improved and colors are brighter!

--David L. Butts
Sarasota, FL

My vision was dull and I had to wear glasses. I have been seeing Dr. Lamensdorf for 20 years and I trusted him with my sight then and now. For the first time in 60 years, I don't have to wear glasses at all. Everything is so colorful and bright. If you want "THE BEST," you came to the right place. Everything was done as explained. I would consider my surgical experience "Perfect!"

--Ronald A. Scire
Sarasota, FL


I only saw just shadows of persons. When I had my surgery, I was so excited to see again. I didn't realize how bad my vision was. A friend gave me Dr. Lamensdorf's name. He is compassionate with a wonderful heart. God bless you Dr. Lamensdorf. Do it right now. Don't wait – I'm proof of it.

--Ellen McGowan
Sarasota, FL


I had difficulty driving at night with my vision at dusk getting progressively worse. I am now able to read without glasses, have improved distance vision and improved night vision. Dr. Lamensdorf and his staff made me feel at ease with the procedure.

--Howard Kelley
Sarasota, FL


Prior to cataract surgery and without corrective lenses, I was qualified as legally blind. I chose Dr. Lamensdorf for his qualifications, history of outstanding work and presence in Sarasota. To wake up in the morning and see the bedside clock with clarity is immensely satisfactory. There is security in knowing you can see without the aid of contacts or glasses - or both! Act now, don't waste time – you can be assured of excellent care with Dr. Lamensdorf. The pre op and post op information is excellent- in other words – your questions are no more.

--Nola J. Hietbrink
Longboat Key, FL


My vision was very blurry and I was recommended to Dr. Lamensdorf by my eye doctor in Philadelphia. I am only using reading glasses! Dr. Lamensdorf is very caring with great follow up and is an expert in cataract surgery.

--Carolyn Trohoski
Englewood, FL

My eyesight was very average before surgery. Dr. Lamensdorf has been my doctor for years and has a great reputation for cataract surgery. My sight is now 20/20 and colors are much more vivid.

--Don Hazeltine
Sarasota, FL


We've been seeing Dr. Lamensdorf for years and we trust him and his expertise as a surgeon. I am seeing the world through clear eyes thanks to Dr. Lamensdorf! Go for it! You won't regret it!

-- Gertrude Senior
Sarasota, FL


My vision was terrible – I used trifocals! I chose Dr. Lamensdorf "because he's the best." I can now read without glasses – what a pleasure. My experience was great!

-- Linda Einisman
Sarasota, FL


I experienced blinding reflections on windows from the sun and metal on cars. It was more difficult to read small print and I had to rest my eyes. I believed that Dr. Lamensdorf was experienced with eye care and cataract. I am no longer looking for my glasses! It is enjoyable to read and drive. I feel safer. Go for it!

-- Claire Collins
Sarasota, FL


I always had to have my readers around my neck. Also had to have distance glasses available as I am a pre-diabetic and at times my vision was blurry when driving. I was referred by friends who were very happy with their surgery outcomes. Now I don't have a string around my neck or distance glasses in my purse! My surgery was great! I appreciated the confidence and attention to detail by all concerned.

--Nancy Ebert
Sarasota, FL


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